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  Contact Info for All Saints’ Church, Ham  


Mrs Lin Holford
01488 668 775
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Mrs Sue Hawley
01488 668 841
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Mr Adrian Holford
01488 668 775
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Mr Nicholas Baring
Mr Robin Buchanan-Dunlop
Major Piers Dunn
Mr Jim Eldridge
Mr Douglas Garrod
Mr Tony Peace
Mrs Melanie Shingles




Mrs Melanie Melsom
01488 668 389
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Many hands make light work so if you would like to join the flowers arrangers team, please contact Melanie Melsom.


Likewise, for a spot of uplifting dusting, please contact Melanie Shingles on 01672 871164.



Rev. Michael McHugh
01672 870779
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Revd Dr Colin Heber-Percy
01264 731386
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Revd Jo Reid
01264 850385
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